2023 Trends

2023 Trends

Our 2023 Bridal Hair Trends Predictions

If we could use four words to describe the direction that we believe bridal hair is going to move in, in 2023, it would be simple.

…Simple, Classic, Clean and Modern.

Gone are the days of textured, messy boho hair styles – more and more, brides are looking for more simplistic and stylish hair styles to complement their look on their special day. Over the last couple of years, we have seen a lot of messy braids, boho buns and loose tousled curls. Whether you're looking for inspiration for your bridal hairstyle or which hair accessory to pair with it, look no further.

1) Chignon/Simple Bun – Romantic and simple. A style that suits most face shapes. This style can be worn tight and clean with a ‘slick look’ vibe or more relaxed for the 'undone' effect. The key is that the hair sits tight into the bottom of the neck.

2) Ponytail Goals – Gorgeous, big bouncy ponytails. The perfect style for either the bride or a bridesmaid. This style requires a certain hair length for full effect, however, extensions can be utilised for those who require the extra volume and length.


3) Hollywood Waves – The most classy elegant hairstyle. This choice is a great hairstyle to complement a simple and modern gown. Hollywood waves look most effective with healthy, shiny hair and volume through the front. This style is great with added hair extensions for fullness. Extensions are a great tool to help natural hair hold a style. This style can also be adapted into a half up, half down look.


However, we might still bend the rules encouraging a few tousled ‘I just woke up like this’ up do creations. We're secret fans of texture and definition through the top of the crown area and face framing.

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